St. Louis Photography
by Caren Libby

Professional Photography for 
Portraits, Events, and Marketing

Welcome to St. Louis Photo. It has been my mission to craft unique visual stories that reveal special moments in the human experience through the lens of a camera. St. Louis, my hometown, has served as the muse that ignites my creative soul.

My role as a Photographer is to document where you are in your personal and professional journey. You may be starting or marketing a business, coaching clients, working for a company, or seeking employment. You may have an important project coming up like a speaking engagement, book launch, a new website, or a special event. A diversified portfolio enables you to use custom images on many platforms. Step into the realm of infinite possibilities as you embark on a journey that shares a compelling visual narrative about your personal or professional story. - Caren Libby*Dina-Readinger*jpg?alt=media&token=b4faa49f-ec4c-4d02-9354-0c22f6d119f3*20210403Biofit066*jpg?alt=media&token=17ddf6cc-1ac0-47dc-9098-5bae2c42ec8e*Alyssa%20Hawn*jpg?alt=media&token=3de39920-7055-4a2e-94ef-1cf129fc98af*20230815SBSCreatix24*jpg?alt=media&token=1b210051-6598-4ddf-a300-6ebe51c004d7*20230124ShockCity002*jpg?alt=media&token=5448c895-890c-4186-8e50-960adbfd8c05*20190524Banisters028*jpg?alt=media&token=9de38c0c-ffd3-41fd-bd37-162f589ceded*20230203VOAH033*jpg?alt=media&token=e8ede5f9-430c-43b7-9da9-4996ec3ffc24*Trevor-York*jpg?alt=media&token=040e6394-c5e3-4273-9161-91d09d2a4424
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